If you are reading this, that means that you have arrived on the Bosqueterno S.A. new blog coming to you from beautiful Monteverde, Costa Rica. We are just getting up and rolling, but soon this space will be a history lesson, a feast of images from the natural world, and a celebration of how a community of people can work together to protect their natural surroundings.

We invite you to take a minute to look at the pages listed across the top of the banner. That will give you some reading material to get you started and some great pictures from the past and present to peak your curiosity. Be sure to come back soon, as we will be adding lots more information and sharing the knowledge of the many people who have wandered through, studied in, and dedicated themselves to the preservation of this beautiful cloud forest. Please leave any comments here with suggestions or requests for particular information. Hopefully we will be able to provide our readers with answers and dialogue that will please them. Hasta soon. Paz.