Early group portrait of Monteverde community (partial)

Since the original decision in 1951 to protect the Watershed Property, members of the Monteverde community, and later the Bosqueterno S.A. Board of Directors and its shareholders, have discussed and refined their objectives. They never veered from their original intent of watershed and forest conservation, and continue to identify new challenges and purpose. As the years pass and life in the Monteverde zone gets more complex with population growth, its accompanying development, and climate change, Bosqueterno S.A. regularly reconfirms their vision for a sustainable future for all Monteverde inhabitants, including the human community as well as all the flora and fauna, and explores new ways to accomplish this vision. Through protecting its freshwater sources and primary forest, along with supporting research and education to encourage the larger community to join with them, Bosqueterno S.A. remains committed to keeping the green mountain healthy and peaceful.

From the original Bosqueterno S.A. document of 1974 (translated from Spanish):

 “The object of [Bosqueterno S.A.] will be to invest in this property with the intention of maintaining and protecting, in its natural state, its flora and fauna as well as its fresh water springs for the use of students and institutions of a scientific nature. [The corporation] can equally invest in industrial, commercial and farming activities in general.”

Resplendent Quetzal


Vision statement draft (February 1995): 

“Bosqueterno is an essential part of Monteverde’s history. Bosqueterno is an undisturbed place for education, study, research, reflection and inspiration; Bosqueterno is a place we hold sacred and is an example of the power of partnership.”



Recommended Action from the Report of the 1995 Commission (1995):

 “Teach our children the history of Bosqueterno so they are proud of their conservation heritage, in schools and at home. Establish Bosqueterno as a classroom for our children – not only through the Tropical Science Center’s programs, but also through community initiatives. Provide our children with the opportunity to practice resource management and community planning – right here, right now. Let Bosqueterno be a place where we seek the knowledge, values and spirit that will be required of us in the years ahead – as researchers, artists, land stewards, families and a community. Let this commitment to teach in and to learn from the forest be part of our re-commitment to our stewardship of Bosqueterno.”

Vision Draft (May 2004): 

“Bosqueterno S.A. was founded to protect in perpetuity an important watershed for the upper Monteverde community. Bosqueterno S.A. will work to ensure that this watershed continues to provide water for both Monteverde residents and the plants and animals that make up the threatened ecosystems protected on Bosqueterno land. The organization will undertake activities such as hiring staff, supporting legal actions, purchasing key tracts of land, funding research, managing lands, and supporting local schools to achieve this goal. To the extent feasible, all activities will be carried out in coordination with other like-minded Monteverde institutions. To prioritize activities, the Board of Directors will annually assess the threats to its goal and allocate resources accordingly to ameliorate these threats.” 


Bosqueterno S.A. has supported environmental activities and educational opportunities since it began collecting income. In recent years, the higher rent collected plus the payments for environmental services has made it possible to offer small grants to Monteverde organizations and individuals for projects related specifically to watershed conservation. The focus on Monteverde watershed protection reflects the growing threats to the area’s water supply as well as a commitment to the mission of the organization. There is a strong desire to counter activities that compromise the health of the Monteverde watershed and to uphold the founders’ vision of a healthy river system into perpetuity.  

Therefore, Bosqueterno S.A. kicked off its first-ever Grants Program in the year 2008 by inviting organizations or individuals to apply for support for projects having to do with: protection of springs, including reforestation; education focused on water quality and river ecology; prevention, elimination, or treatment of contaminated waters; general education regarding freshwater conservation; education regarding climate change. Bosqueterno S.A. awarded a total of $2,650.00 to three local organizations. The grants, which ranged from $650 to $1,000, helped the Monteverde Institute, el Centro de Educación Creativa, and Monteverde ProNativas further their efforts to promote water conservation through environmental education and research as well as native plant landscaping. There was excellent compliance by these three organizations and the investments in local conservation were very much in keeping with the mission of Bosqueterno S.A. 

In April 2009, the Board once again invited proposals from institutions or individuals for funding of projects (up to $1,500 each) related to the same themes as in 2008. A total of seven projects were chosen: 

  1. Centro de Educación Creativa: “Comparative Study of Stream Health, Soil Characteristics and Climate Data: A Collaborative Partnership Study.”
  2. Monteverde Friends School: “Programa de Ciencias.”
  3. Acueducto de Santa Elena: “Protección de nacientes Santa Elena: Confección de Cerca Protectora Naciente, y Mano de Obra: Cerca Protección.”
  4. Instituto de Monteverde: “MVI’s Integrated Water Resources Program and Adopt-a-Stream Program.”
  5. Biologist Bill Haber: “Inventory of Dragonflies and Damselflies (Order Odonata) of Bosqueterno: Assessing Threatened Biotic and Aquatic Resources and a Search for New Species.”
  6. Jr. Rangers: “Reforestación y Limpieza de Ríos” y “Adopte una Quebrada.”
  7. Centro de Educación Creativa: “Responsible Disposal of Grey Water at the CEC: Prevention, Elimination or Treatment of Contaminated Water.”

Willow, Wolf, Mary, Giselle, Richard, Martha, Karen, Ricardo - Bosqueterno S.A. Board of Directors 2010

Bosqueterno S.A. will be inviting applicants for their Grants Program again in 2010. Please visit the Grants page on this blog and watch for updated information.